In 1977 the  Placentia Lions Club crew carried a regatta boat to St John’s as their forefathers did in 1877, where they won the Fishermen’s Championship. The Placentia Lions went on to win the Placentia, Harbour Grace, and St. John’s Regatta, making it the second time for the Placentia Lions Crew to win a “Triple Crown”.  This was the first time in Newfoundland Rowing  History for such an accomplishment. Members of the winning crew are: 
(L - R, B - R) Tom Whittle, Tony Whittle, Gerard Barron, Brendan Whittle. (L - R, F -R) Leo Collins, Adrian O'Keefe (Cox), Frank Lannon. Missing from photo Clem Whittle (Spare).

It was 88 years between Championships (1877 - 1965 ) but the Placentia crew from  Jerseyside brought home the spoils of victory AUG. 4, 1965 from the St. John’s Regatta.
Members of the winning crew are; ( L - R, B - R ) Tom Traverse( Cox), Frank Traverse, Joe Traverse, Tom Gardner.  ( L - R, F - R) Anthony Traverse, Pat Moore, Bill Hutchings. 

56 Years 
Regatta History
The Placentia Regatta — 1963 to the Present

The year 2019 will mark the 56th running of the Placentia Regatta.  Even though the Regatta itself is only 56 years old, the sport of rowing in the Placentia area has been around for well over 140 years.  Back in 1877 a determined group of Placentia fishermen carried their boat on their backs to St. John’s, won the Championship and carried their boat back home.  This tremendous feat was replicated in 1977 by the Placentia Lions who carried a boat to St. John’s and won the Championship.  It marked the second straight year that the Lions Crew had won the Triple Crown of Rowing, meaning they had won the men’s senior Championship in all three fixed-seat rowing Regattas (Placentia, Harbour Grace and St. John’s.) This crew was inducted into the Royal St. John's Regatta hall of Fame in July of 2018.

 It all began  in the ‘Blockhouse’ in 1963 under the first President, Mr. Tom Hickey, as the first wooden shells rowed up the Southeast Arm and back.  The event moved to its’ present home in Bond’s Path just a year later.
There have been many highlights over the years, not to mention the work of Adrian O’Keefe, Tom Traverse, and Adrian Traverse, three local men who, because of their dedication and accomplishments in the sport, have been inducted into the Royal St. John’s 
Regatta Hall of Fame, joining Placentia's first inductees,
the Fishermen of 1877.
The Regatta is like a giant festival of games, food concessions, and music, all centered around a full day of six-person, fixed-seat boat races on the beautiful Southeast Arm.  Today’s committee numbers 12 including a 5-member executive & interest has never been greater.
Fibreglassing and Boat repairs circa 1968
Tom Gale – President 
Anslem Moss
Fred Moss

The first Regatta Queen, Theresa O'Reilly was crowned by President, Adrian Traverse in 1964. 

 Other Regatta Queen Contestants

The Whittles :  
The First All Family Crew to row in the Placentia Regatta
Crew consisted of:
Pius Whittle - Cox/Father
Tom, Tony, Alvin, Brendan, Ray, Clem

Music has always been an important part of Regatta Day!

In 2003 the Regatta Committee released a 40th Anniversary CD of local talent.

To order CD call 709-227-3579
Tony Collins Sr. 1958
Past Presidents

Today's President 
Since Sept. 2003 is:
Eugene Collins of Bond's Path..