Photos of Men's and Ladies Senior Champs for 2012.  Men's Champs are Rogers Bussey Law Office.  Female Champs are Roebothan Mackay Marshall Law Firm.  

Proud Sponsors of our Regatta Shells are:
Argentia Management Authority
Town of Placentia
Placentia Lions Club
Voisey Bay Nickel Company
Placentia Rowing Club Inc.
Whelan Family
Placentia Regatta Boathouse 
Opened July, 2014
.Official Results  for the 2012  Placentia Regatta.  
Placentia Regatta
Official Times - July 18, 2009

9:00 AM  Sr. Men'sAmateur RaceCanadian Forces MenNickel14th10:00.4
                                        Lamb's Rum           Argentia21st09:21.5
                                                     Mask Inc.Placentia33rd09:39.6
                                                     Shamrock CityLion42nd09:39.1

9:30 AM  Sr. Men'sDistrict RaceEast Coast Marine   Argentia13rd10;29.75
                                              Marine InstituePlacentia24th11;13.38
                           Royal Newfoundland RegimentNickel32nd10:26.0
                                                       Marco GroupLion41st09:46.3

10:00 AM  Sr. LadiesAmateur RaceBren-KirPlacentia22nd06:13.2
                                        North AtlanticNickel31st05:18.6

10:30 AM  Sr. LadiesCommercial RaceTherapeutic Services   Placentia13rd06:08.3
                                                    NFLD HeraldNickel22nd05:38.9
                      CFF (Canada Fittings Flanges) Argentia34th06:01.8
                                               Ceda Reactor Ltd.Lion41st05:36.8

11:00Sr. Ladies               Civil Service RaceHealth QuestLion14th06:33.3
                    Prudential Reardon Realty          Argentia23rd05:53.2
                                                   All Star RebarNickel32nd05:48.4
                             Canadian Forces Women'sPlacentia41st5:38.4`

11:30 AMSr. Ladies  Memorial RaceRoebothan, McKay, MarshallNickel11st06:02.5
                                                            All Star ImprintsArgentia22nd06:06.1
                                                                 P.F. CollinsPlacentia34th06:33.8
                                                          The Keg Rowing CrewLion43rd06:14.9

12:30 - 1:30 pmLUNCH

1:30 PMSr. Men's  Club Race             Marine InstituePlacentia14th11:58.8
                                                    Marco GroupArgentia23rd11:02.1
                                                              Mask Inc.Lion31st09:47.4
                                                    Shamrock CityNickel42nd09:53.4

2:00 PMSr. Men's  Transport RaceEast Coast Marine   Argentia1No Show
                               Royal Newfoundland RegimentNickel23rd10:53.1
                                              Canadian Forces MenLion32nd10:07.4
                                                    Lamb's RumPlacentia41st09:51.2

2:30 PMJunior LadiesJunior Ladies              Re MaxNickel21st6;15.96
                                              Universal ConstructionLion42nd06:21.0

3:00 PMMidget Girls/Squirts  Midget Girls/SquirtsVale IncoPlacentia31st06:19.6
                                                          Placentia TaxiArgentia41st03:29.1

5:30 PMLadies Championship   Championship RaceNfld. HeraldArgentia12nd05:47.1
                                                              Canadian ForcesNickel24th05:55.6
                                                              Ceda ReactorPlacentia33rd05:50.3
                                                                     North AtlanticLion41st05:19.7

6:30PMMen's Championship  Championship RaceMarco GroupArgentia13rd9:53:09
                                                                       Mask Inc.Nickel24th9:54:25
                                                           Shamrock CityPlacentia32nd9:52:28
                                                                      Lamb's RumLion41st9:36:25

 Ladies Championship Crews:
Stake 4: Max Athletics - Canada Games 1
Stake 3 : Central Dairies
Stake 2: Harold Hotel
Stake 1: Woodmar
Mens Championship Crews:
Stake 4: Toyota Plaza
Stake 3: Max Athletics - Canada Games
Stake 2: Smith Stockley
Stake 1: Marquise Heavy Equipment
2013 Regatta

2014 Regatta

Max Athletics

Hayley Ivany
Emily Hancock, Stephanie Graham
Megan Fitzgerald
Kirsten McKay
Anna Henley
Emily Peacock
Maria Roach (spare),
Morgan Walsh (spare)
Bussey Horwood

James Cadigan
Adam Kavanagh
Ronnie Whitten
Dan Cadigan
Craig Whittle
Chirs Neary
Ladies & Men's Champs for 2014
Official Results for 2015 Placentia Regatta
Men's and Ladies Champs for 2015
1st Place - Cahill Group - 
Ladies Champions

Gordon Delaney
1st - Roebothan McKay Marshall - Champions
Hayley Ivany
1st - Max Athletics Men - Champions 

Men's and Ladies Champs for 2016
1st Place - Outer Cove -  Men's Champions
Schedule of Races 2019 Placentia Regatta